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tv   CNN News Central  CNN  February 21, 2024 10:00am-11:00am PST

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every decision. >> check your financial wellness score at facet vegas. >> the story of sin city.
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sunday at ten on cnn the collapsing >> case against joe biden, republicans effort to impeach the president may be running out of steam today. they're grilling president biden's brother behind closed doors. a critical interview for an impeachment push. that's now on life support. and yet another mid-air scare this time i'm passengers tackling amount of the ground after he tries to open an emergency door. midflight, details on what happened >> new charges his filed just moments ago after an 11 year-old girl was found dead in texas. more on the man now facing capital murder charges in her death are following these major developing stories he's in many more all coming in right here to cnn news central
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>> republicans impeachment inquiry into president biden is potentially hanging by a thread after one of their core allegations of a biden bribery scheme appears to have been completely made up. the claims came from fbi and form an alexander smirnoff, the gop spent months touting his credibility, but he's just been charged with lying to the fbi and he admitted that some of the supposed dirt he had on the biden was provided to him by russian intelligence officers. today, republicans on the oversight committee are trying to get their probe back on track. they're pressing the fbi for an explanation and they're currently grilling the president's brother, james biden, behind closed doors let's start with cnn's marshall cohen. marshall, what do we know about this indicted informant >> hey, boris, these are some >> really startling allegations were talking about alexander smirnoff, the former informant, who was charged last week with lying to the fbi about the bidens, as you mentioned, falsely accusing the president
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and his son, hunter biden of taking millions of dollars in bribes from ukraine now, after smirnoff was arrested last week, he told authorities about his long-standing contacts with foreign operatives. according to court filings, he claimed that russian officials tied to russian intelligence agencies previous asleep passed information to him about hunter biden, information that doj says was false and information that has had a major impact on our politics. congressional republicans have peddled smear navs, uncorroborated bribery allegations for the better part of the last year now, look for as smirnoff is charged with lying to the fbi. so it's kind of hard to know exactly what to believe here. but in this filing special counsel, david weiss and his team really sent up a flare, a warning about potential election interference let me read this for you. they wrote that quote, smear and ofs efforts to spread
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misinformation about a candidate of one of the two major parties in the united states continues dot-dot-dot. they went on to say that he is actively pedaling new lies that could impact us elections after meeting with russian intelligence officials in november as recently as just a few months ago. now for his part, smirnoff has not yet entered a plea, but his attorney said that he is going to mount a rigorous defense to these felony charges for us. >> now, marshall prosecutors felt that he was a flight risk. they wanted him jailed during his proceedings, but a judge opted to let him out, right >> that is correct. a federal judge in las vegas last night released smirnoff from jail. that was over the objections of the special counsel who warned that smirnoff could use his foreign contacts to flee prosecutors, even in raised the possibility in that hearing yesterday that he might try to escape to russia where he
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can't be extradited. but the judge let him go with strict conditions. he'll be subjected to gps tracking and the government seized his passports according to court filings he has both us and israeli citizenship and they said he has more than $6 million in the bank. they were passing that information to the judge. so that is part of their case that this guy might try to flee, but the judge decide to let him go. but in the last hour, boris, those prosecutors asked a separate judge in california to reconsider the detention and send smirnoff back to so more to come on this, >> we know you'll keep an eye on it, marshall cohen. thanks so much for the update. >> we >> want to take you now to capitol hill with cnn's melanie zanona, melania, a major part of the impeachment push from house republicans hinged on this allegation that there was a bribery scheme between the bidens, but now the key source of that allegation acknowledges that it was made up >> yeah, that's right. but at this point, there is no signs
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that republicans are planning to drop their impeachment inquiry very into president biden. in fact, they have been defined, even though that fbi informant was charged by the fbi for making up these false at bribery allegations about joe biden then those now discredited claims were memorialized in a document and fbi document known as a 1023, something that republicans fought for months to make public last year. and it really was at the heart part of the reason why they opened an impeachment inquiry in the first place. but now they are trying to downplay the significance of that allegation. just take a listen to this exchange between manu raju and how judiciary chair jim jordan >> you said the 1023 is the most corroborating piece of information you outbreaks, but it doesn't, it doesn't change those fundamental facts. so now it's not true. well, so okay. so the fbi told us that this source was selling 14 years. this source was a paid source by the fbi when we when we were trying to get the 1023, they told us, oh, this could jeopardize national security, this aid to this source didn't
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want to release it. and now they're saying you know, he he he gave false information. the other thing is the story out today scott braised the us attorney did check the travel records of this confidential human source and found that he was at those places. he said he was so put your promotion of a bribery scheme was false? >> not at all >> yet. republicans have hold in witness after witness who have testified that joe biden was not involved in his sons or brothers? business deals overseas and that he never took any official actions because of those deals. and in fact, james biden just testified behind closed doors and repeated that assertion. i want to read you part of his statement which was obtained by our colleague, annie greer, james biden said, i have had a 50 year career in a variety of business ventures joe biden has never had any involvement are any direct or indirect financial interest in those activities? >> none >> yet, republicans are continuing to search for a lifeline here for their flailing impeachment effort as they they've struggled to convince many of their own members to get on board with
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impeachment. so these depositions, both today and next week with hunter are very high stakes for republicans here melanie zanona live from capitol hill. thank you so much. >> and let's discuss this now. is cnn legal analyst norm eisen and former cia chief of russia operations, steve hall, gentlemen, great to see you. steve, let's start first with you. >> who, if anyone >> got duped here is that the fbi republicans? >> both >> well duke is kind of an interesting word. i mean, it's always difficult whether or not you're the fbi in your handling confidential informants who you may or may not trust, depending on what they're reporting i did the same thing in the foreign field where you're dealing with foreigners who are, who were informants providing you with information now it's always difficult to tell what exactly is going on. you have to be constantly testing. the fbi is responsible for doing that in the smirnoff case, the fact that they've had him as a confidential informant for ten years does speak to the fact that they kept going back to him. therefore, believing, at least in some part what he was saying until i guess it came
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out recently that he was lying. this this is very consistent with what the russians are doing. that's the other thing. if the >> russians are pushing a >> confidential informant on the fbi and they're controlling it and the background, it can be much harder for the fbi and other organizations to try to suss it out. so it's complicated this, this human collection activity in the fbi is sort of in a position right now. they got to figure it out. >> no question that it's coming located, steve, but but i'm wondering what processes are there for officials to try to suss out if someone is effectively a double agent and feeding information to our intelligence services from another intelligence service this one being hostile in russia yeah, again, it's complicated. i don't want to speak to the fbi process to much better that better to get an fbi person to explain that to you, but i can tell you that all collection elements of the us government, whether it's domestic, fbi or foreign cia. they have processes by which you're going to vet these people. part of it is the information they're providing compared to the other sources. >> some >> of it is simply how they
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behave. and operational testing of these sources to try to find out what exactly they're telling you. and if it's actually true, so there are processes that are in place to do this, but as has become clear, they're not always perfect and sometimes things slip through. that appears to be what happened this time yeah. >> and norm, let's talk a little bit just generally about this impeachment process. you have some experience with impeachment for democrats with the first trump impeachment, where does this probe go next? because we saw mottos interview there with jim jordan. they don't want to drop this i'm afraid it's going nowhere next. and that's been clear for a while now at the testimony of mr. smirnoff was contained in a >> memo and the department of justice and the fbi warned again and again that that memo should not be publicly disclosed. they signal the
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unreal for liability of this information. like so much else that this majority has done in the house. there was no basis once the investigation became clear, cnn reports that there have been eight witnesses who have all uniformly said no oh, evidence of wrongdoing. by joe biden. so this is the most outrageous example of what has been a series of failures. there should not have been an impeachment inquiry that's the bipartisan consensus of experts that i joined. there was no predicate for the inquiry and and there is no basis for an impeachment and it looks very much with even the leaders of the efforts saying they may not be able to accomplish an impeachment, that this is heading no place norm, this reverberates beyond congress to, because hunter biden's legal team jumped on this through abbe lowell and they
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filed >> something in his criminal prosecution arguing that this smirnoff situation has infected hunter's case, that it was the basis for the special counsel to blow up the plea deal before he was even actually special counsel, how does this impact hunter biden's legal case? >> it will have some collateral or at ms ferric impact boris, but the brunt of the legal case is really focused on gun possession charges. and tax charges. that are independent of mr. smear knobs alleged did wrongdoing. i mean, you really highlighted how shocking that is that russian disinformation may be entering this impeachment inquiry. and the american congressional and legal system through mr. smirnoff, that being said while
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those charges are questionable, they were the subject of a plea deal and no jail plea. and now they have exploded into these two cases. there questionable on other grounds i don't think the smirnoff incident is going to undermine them, although there are other legal problems with those charges, smirnoff is not a major part of that >> all right. norm eisen and steve hall, our thanks to both of you for being with us this afternoon. still ahead here. donald trump compares his legal battles in the us to the deaths of russian opposition leader alexey navalny and coming up, you're gonna hear his comments were also bringing the facts plus it's a life-changing day for more than 150 thousand people who just found out their student loan debt is no more. and an american airlines passenger allegedly tried to open the emergency door midflight oh, passengers and the crew work together to tie him up. we have these stories and more coming up the salad
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that's what 80688 don't wait. 1806881300. >> call now, eva mckend in washington and this is cnn >> some terrifying moments on an american airlines as flight a man allegedly tried to open an emergency exit door in midair, prompting passengers to subdue him as the crew restraint him with duct tape and flexa cuffs. the plane then returned to our liquor keep where it landed safely. cnn aviation correspondent pete muntean joins us. pete, whenever you join us, something wild has happened and this is no exception. >> i feel like i'm trying to make people scared of flying and i don't want them to. and the silver lining here is that it's really, really hard hard to open an emergency exit in flight just because the inside of a cabin is so pressurize the air outside is much more dense, makes it harder to pull it in and open it are more dense inside rather than outside. i got that backwards. >> unruly passengers were really big problem back in 2021
10:19 am
it seems like we can't really escape it though, and it continues to follow us into 2024. uh, passengers tell us that this man was seated in the emergency exit row, tried to open the emergency exit, even got the cover of the handle of passengers, tackled him. flight attendants restrained them with tape and those flex cuffs so an american airlines flight 12, 19 from albuquerque to chicago, o'hare diverted back to albuquerque because it's only happened about 20 minutes into the flight. you can see in the video there this man being led by police down the jetway emergency exit stairs, the gate there not clear if he's been arrested yet. we're still looking for charging documents. the fbi though does tell us it's investigating this faa also investigating. >> they say there have been about 254 cases of unruly passengers so far this year. just want you to compare that to 2021 when there was the federal transportation mask mandate in place? that drove a lot of these incidents 5,973 incidents back in 2021, the
10:20 am
rate is really key here, especially when you consider back in 2021, there really weren't all that many flights flying still because of the downturn of the pandemic, the rate did go up a little bit last summer. but now it's down to two a bit of born of a normal levels so this is a bit of an anomaly, although we keep hearing about these into the trump time to time, i know it's nice that reassuring that the passengers like banded together. i do feel good about here, yes. and you have to >> hand it to the flight crew because really they are the last line a fence to try and make it so that these incidents don't happen. i said yesterday at the top tip on a commercial airliner, don't check a bag. the real top tip is be good to the flight crew because they are the last line of defense between you and something bad happening on a commercial flight? i also before you go, there's a new >> faa investigation underway in denver? >> yes. what's that about? there was a united flight that had this issue on reddit. actually, passengers brought this to the attention on and said, should i mentioned this to the flight crew? they said, yes, this is the image that they saw out of the wing. >> it's similar >> to the alaska flight 12 82 incident and that people are
10:21 am
paying attention more and more to things happening on planes. that was a brand new max nine, a 737 this is a 30 year old 757, and he could see the damage there to the slat. that is something a movable part on the front of the wing that essentially changes the curvature of the camera or the wing to change how the wing flies at slower speeds, like during takeoff and landing ultimately, this was an eventful, this flight diverted who's going to boston? what diverted to denver where there's a big united maintenance base. the plane has flown since 165 people on board, all okay. >> but this is a pretty significant thing considering as many planes are getting older and older these days, these seven-fifty-seven are actually pretty old now above the average, the latest data says the average airplane in the us use by a commercial airline is about 13 years-old. and so that number will obviously changes. some of these older planes retired, all right. >> you always come with lots of armed with lots of information, but you're right, don't be afraid, don't forget. all right.
10:22 am
>> thanks so much. boris. >> let's talk more about the ongoing flight dangerous with mary schiavo. she's a cnn transportation analyst and former inspector general for the department of transportation. we should point out for the sake of transparency, mary has some ongoing litigation against boeing from a 2019 crash. mary, thank you so much for being with us this afternoon. first on this unruly passenger, pete outlined that it's very difficult to get one of those doors open in midair but it's still terrifying that someone would even attempt to, especially if you're on that plane what would you tell folks to do in that situation? >> while folks have to do i literally exactly what they did remember that flight attendants are on primarily to assist you to save your life and get off the plane. but there's only one per about 50 passengers, so they're just not enough of them to subdue somebody even though i always have to point out in the case of the shoe bomber was an american airlines flight attendant that threw herself on the shoe bomber to save the
10:23 am
plane, but passengers it's perfectly okay to band together and help the flight crew and literally saved the flight. in some cases from an unruly passenger. >> i'm >> pete also pointed out if the plane is pressurized, that's the key point of the plane is pressurized. it's difficult. i would go so far to say impossible to get an emergency door or emergency window exit open because you have to have about thousand pounds per square foot of pressure. so if you are he got six square feet, 6,000 pounds, ten square feet, and thousand pounds human beings just don't have that much pressure. so if the plane is pressurized, you're not going to get it open. so pete was exactly right. so people don't have to worry about that if someone tries, but they do have to worry about what the person is up to and how to how to take care of that person till flight lands very pete also walked through the numbers of these kinds of incidents and it seems that the rate of them is definitely trending down, especially from the pandemic
10:24 am
when it felt like once a week, we were seeing these crazy videos of people on planes. what do you make of the environment for flying right now, or does it does seem to you like there are more four of these incidents or is it just that a lot more people have phones that capture video and we learn about them more often >> well, i think a lot more. i mean, you know, surely in the last decade we know we are able to see them to review them. people comment on them. so yes, they the advent of the cell phones in the cell phone videos being posed so i'm makes us much more aware of it. but there have been lots of studies over the years in federal department of transportation has tried to keep track of reports of unruly behavior, passenger misbehavior air rage. but it's very difficult because the reporting has sporadic and really people with their cell phones capture a lot more than the federal aviation administration does. many of these cases. but the the height of it in many studies, the height of it comes when you have a mix of alcohol because
10:25 am
the pressurization has an effect on the human body with alcohol. but in the case of these incidents where people tried to open the door, many of them there are no ports of alcohol, but there are other reports suggesting in some cases not all some kind of mental disturbance feeling they were suffocating feeling that a religious figure had told them to do this. and all those sorts of things. so that all air rage incidents and passenger misbehavior are the same, but the flight attendants so while back did a study and they equated a lot of it with alcohol. >> they do an incredible job, especially in situations like this. mary schiavo always appreciate your analysis. thanks. >> thank you >> of course >> next, given a chance to condemn vladimir putin, donald trump instead, compared his own legal troubles too. those of alexey navalny, the russian opposition leader who died without explanation and are remote penal colony last week.
10:26 am
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you ran hates america sunday at eight on cnn >> close captioning bronchi by meso mesothelial mom. it's all we do with local offices throughout the country and has how you get the compensation, you deserve. 800 to eight to 44, 44 days after relaxing navalny's death, former president donald trump is responding not by condemning >> vladimir putin, who's widely seen as responses. double for
10:31 am
the demise of his main political rival instead, trump is comparing navalny's untimely death with his own personal legal battles. listen it's happening in our country to we are turning into a communist country in many ways. and if you look at it, i'm the leading candidate. i got into. i never heard of being indicted before. i got indicted four times. i have eight or nine trials form of navalny. it is a form of communism or fascism. >> speaking strictly off the facts that comparison is ludicrous. it's a name. but let's be precise as to why alexei navalny died, a political martyr after he spent years fighting government corruption and brutal repression in russia. he advocated for reform and he published expos ayse detailing how russian leaders allegedly built extravagant fortunes by stealing from the public he organized dissidents and even
10:32 am
in the face of violent retribution, he took his message to the streets >> and >> for that, navalny received multiple prison terms before he was almost killed. poisoned by a rare nerve agent that dates back to the ussr an attempt on his life that investigators found pointed to the highest levels of the russian government. and even after that, he decided to go back to russia to keep fighting for basic rights. compare that to donald trump, the ex president is facing more than 90 charges across four separate criminal cases. but on like russia, you need significant evidence to charge or convict someone in the united states. trump isn't being prosecuted for expressing himself for over a personal
10:33 am
vendetta. the fact is multiple grand juries looked at the evidence, the actual evidence against trump and based on their conclusions, prosecutors decided to indict. now, this is the key trump is entitled to the presumption of innocence. he has the right to a fair trial. he'll get his day in court. all of us will be watching as he gets to present evidence to make a compelling argument in his defense and even if he's found guilty at that point, he still has the right to appeal as he should. here's the thing. none of those protections exist in the russian legal system. alexey navalny never enjoyed those, right? >> and yet the most >> striking difference here is that alexey navalny is dead. he died in explicably while being held prisoner in a russian penal colony donald trump is not only alive, he's campaigning across the country fundraising off of his legal woes and running for president in a country that unlike russia democratically elected, its
10:34 am
leaders through free and fair elections >> jessica. >> all right, so bearing all of that in mind here with us to discuss all of it is kevin madden, a senior adviser to mitt romney's 2012 presidential campaign. he's now a senior partner at the pentagon group. also at this keith boykin, a democratic strategist and former clinton white house aide. great to have both of you with us kevin, it's a simple question and i hate to pin it on you, but why is trump doing this? >> why can hear yourself to navalny, you know, this is, this is always trumps instinct. i think if you take, if you take a step back the big picture, trump's strength was always as a vessel for a lot of concerns that people had about the state of america jobs, the economy, immigration, border security, those type of things. that was where he really derived a lot out of his political power. but one of the things that he has always been a problem for him is this reflection on himself helped self as the center of the story, as well as a constant litigation of his own personal grievances or a constant re-litigation of the 2020
10:35 am
election, for example. and so i think that's the real utility here. i think as this, as a political kaja to use against trump, is that an absurd line of reasoning like this puts trump talking about himself when the general election should be all about talking about the surgeons that people have about the big issues. so i think the more that you see trump's opponents there, as well as president biden, the white house beit trump into making this all about on himself and having absurd sort of leaps of reason like this about in the volley, i think the bigger that i think the more toxic trump's political profile comes with voters who care about those big issues, right? >> and keep in the, in the meantime, we are seeing this real shift in sentiment within the republican electorate, also, elected republican officials certainly donald trump, who has advocated for no more ukraine aid or assistance. >> what do you >> make of this shift within the republican party that his for so long been synonymous
10:36 am
with national security and foreign affairs yeah. i think >> jessica that the shift in the republican party's reflects the fact that they have cave to donald trump. first of all, the navalny point that kevin made is exactly right. donald trump situation is not the same as the situation with navalny. he was not persecuted, he was not poison, he was not tortured. he was not in prison, and he was not murdered. but the fact that donald trump, it even make the comparison and that republicans haven't criticized and condemned him widespread, lee can done so is a reflection of just how corrupt he's made the entire party. the other fact is that donald trump is beholden to vladimir putin. he's afraid to stand up to vladimir putin. he wouldn't stand up to him in health think he's inviting the destruction of nato, inviting putin to invade europe. he is shown himself to be sort of complicit with the actions of russia. and thirdly, donald trump is clearly corrupt. the most corrupt president we've ever had an american history.
10:37 am
the fact that he has 91 charges, that he has four indictments is boris said that we're from grand juries of his peers, not from prosecutors, not from the biden administration, but from his own peers, who does who came together in review the evidence all that evidence, and the $355 million settlement that just came up for civil fraud and the $83,000,000 defamation judgment against them. and before even took golf as a $25 million fraud suit against him for his fake university. donald trump has had a history of fraud and misjudgment and lying and dishonesty, 30,000 lies in office. we know that he came in with six bankruptcies and we know these also had a career of being a con artist. the fact that the republican party has now fallen for the khan after they spent all of 20 if 15, and much of early 2016 denying that donald trump represented who they were is reflection that they have just completely given up and allow donald trump to run their party. >> and yet there are some people that, that really kevin connects with that are out in
10:38 am
america trying to get through a day and see any further, they see aid as a gift they don't know that perhaps we're making those weapons in states across the country. they think it's just you're giving money away when there needs to be held at home. and it seems like trump is tapping into something there and the biden administration hasn't quite explained it in a way that benefits you know, how on an average, american can absorb that message. >> i think the political battle ahead comes down to who's actually controlling the marketplace of the debate. i think if you look at polls, there's large are broader support for supporting ukraine and supporting nato. i think there's a very vocal minority and look vocal minorities who make their voice heard a town halls or with females don't remember if congress, they're not new. but i think they are particularly animated right now. and i think your, your other point is probably the most important one is the white house has a charge here how do they serve as both the uniting force and how do they serve as the broader sort of sustained message about how important
10:39 am
this is to our overall national security posture. bring republicans and democrats together to solve the funding issue that we have up on capitol hill. but then also the long-term objectives that we have, whether it relates to nato as a force for good, it's the most successful alliance now military alliance in history over the longer term part of their, of their policy stance, that it's really it's been in place for a long time. all right, kevin madden, keith boykin, we are grieving both of you. thanks so much for being here. up next, a uk court deciding right now whether wikileaks founder julian assange will be extradited to the us to stand trial, will have the latest on his appeal. also, an update on the andriy cunningham case that's the 11 year-old who was killed on her way to school. charges have now been filed candidate john edwards cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, had a baby with his girlfriend >> and then tried to pass it off as a campaign staffers kid >> we're here to get your side of the story. >> united states of scandal
10:40 am
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back to russia walmart unleash your potential with four standard. >> erin burnett outfront tonight at seven on cnn >> wikileaks, founder julian assange still doesn't know if he'll get a new appeal as he fights being extradited to the us on criminal charges, too high court judges in london ended today's hearing without making a decision. assange faces charges under the espionage act for obtaining and sharing classified information about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. if convicted, he could receive a life sentence. cnn's melissa bell is here with more on what's at stake here. melissa, walk us through what happened in court >> well, these were a couple of days of hearings. jessica, that we're a last-ditch attempt by julian assange to avoid the extradition that the high court in the united kingdom had ordered back in 2021, upholding it in 2022, decision that was stamped by the home secretary of the time i'm still he is trying through these hearings
10:45 am
to get the chance to appeal the extradition to united states on the grounds arguing that his lawyers have poor health. but on others as well. now, those hearings have now ended without a decision from the judges. they've reserved their judgment. we don't have a timeframe for when i'll come back with that but essentially what we saw were two days of hearings that involved the us government's council arguing that julian assange, back when the founder of wikileaks published the certain redact, certain documents, military or classified documents that related to the wars in iraq, afghanistan had gone above and beyond journalistic practice. so the documents had been published, for instance, without any the names redacted putting the lives of people on the ground in danger. the defense, the lawyers for julian assange, argued that this would set a dangerous precedent for journalism and for freedom of speech. the other argument that the defenders lawyers have, julian assange hard and trying to get this chance to avoid extradition. they made the case
10:46 am
that beyond they say the fact that he may spend life in prison, that's pushed back on by the american lawyers who say that in fact, he would only spent four to six years in american jail. they say that he had been the subject of a lot of extrajudicial killing that the united states, the cia, had sought allegedly to have him killed a few years ago. and this means that he could face dangerous beyond what the legal system, the united states might give him. that was also pushed back upon a, for now, we don't have a decision. we should hear fairly soon, although we don't i have a timeframe, then either the extradition proceedings will start and it could be a matter of weeks before he finds himself the united states or he will get his permission to seek further challenges in british courts jessica, more to come on this. melissa bell. thanks so much. boris >> this just in the suspect in the death of an 11 year-old texas girl has officially been charged with capital murder. authorities in livingston say that 11 audrii cunningham was found dead in a river with a
10:47 am
large rock tied to her body investigators say that several pieces of key evidence, including the rope used to used on the victim, all linked back to the suspect, don mcdougal. cnn, chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst john miller joins us now. john walk us through the details that we're learning from prosecutors here. >> well, what we learned for the charging documents today is that don mcdougal allegedly leaves the house with audrii cunningham in his 2003 blue suburban, ostensibly to drive her to the bus stop, which is at the end of the development, where their home is. and what where he lives in a trailer in the back. when the bus gets there, she's not there when mcdugle has questioned by police, he gives stories about his travels, about his whereabouts, but says he dropped her off at the bus stop in and she wasn't with him using cell phone data and using video canvass that shows him in
10:48 am
various places. they were able to place him in three critical locations. and one of those locations was highway 59 where it crosses with the trinity river, where the body was found yesterday. part of the delay there was there had been heavy rains. there's a dam there. they had to work with the dam authority to actually lower the water so that the divers in the boats would have a better chance of recovering that body and as you reported, when they found the body, it was tied with a rope attached to a large rock to wait it down. and critically, they say that a police car stop of mcdugle, just a couple of days before allowed the officer to observe a similar rope in the car. what they have now let's it case, but they're also at a very early stage. so scientific evidence from the autopsy, potential dna, and the processing of his car could develop further evidence at this point he has said on his
10:49 am
own social media channels more than once, that he's innocent, that he didn't do anything wrong. boris john miller. thank you so much for that update. up next, more than 150,000 people who went to bed with student loan debt no longer have it. we're going to tell you who qualifies and why you may want to refresh your email and breaking news. we just learned that boeing has replaced the head of its 737 max unit after several safety and quality related incidents, probably the most high-profile incident being that alaska airlines door plug falling off that door blasting off of that plane in mid-flight we're staying on top of this will bring you the very latest after a short break the greatest stage they >> told about lifetime, where you ground the championed tbs
10:50 am
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at ten on cnn close captioning bronchi by meso >> mesothelial mom it's all we do with local offices throughout the country and just help you get the compensation you deserve. 800 to eight to 44, 44 more than 150,000 people got to life changing email today saying their student loan debt has been erased. the biden ministration notifying borrowers this morning that their balances had been zeroed out totaling more than $1 billion cnn's vanessa yurkevich is here and this move is part of the latest round of student debt relief, who qualified for this, who got these emails? vanessa >> 153,000 lucky americans got this email this morning saying that their federal student loans had been forgiven. and here is who qualified. you have to have been part of the biden administration's save program. that is a program that they started last year. >> you had to
10:55 am
>> have original debt amount of 12,000 or less and you had to have been paying this back over the last ten years. this totals today 1.2 billion of student loan but forgiveness, the biden administration has had to get really creative and how to forgive student loan because they had this wide-sweeping plan to forgive millions of dollars in student loan debt for millions of americans. but the supreme court rejected that plan that they had in place. so the save program is one way today that they've been able to do that. but to date, the biden administration saying that they've been able to forgive $138 million of student loan debt. that's for about 3.9 million americans. >> but just to >> take a step back, jessica, the total amount of student debt in this country is one $0.6 trillion impacting 42.3 million borrowers. so it is
10:56 am
just scratching the surface. we know that the biden administration has wanted to do more really been held back legally, especially by the supreme court decision. but today is a reminder for voters that they're still trying trying to make strides that this is still a cornerstone of the biden administration as they look to the election, they want to remind people they're still trying to make headway on this. they've just had to work a little harder to forgive more money for everyday americans. jessica. >> all right. vanessa yurkevich with us on that. thank you so much. i had legal experts warned alabama's recent supreme court ruling equating frozen embryos to children would imperil ivf in the state and we're now seeing the first of that fall hello >> united states have scanned with jake tapper sunday at nine on cnn in a new replacement windows. but you're just not sure if they're in the budget this year, right? >> i'm >> brian gary here with ted
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